What is Volleyball Athletes?


How did it start?

On Sept 2022, before the start of the 2022-2023 OVA season, the Pakmen 16U team’s parents had a meeting.

Besides the regular items to be discussed at the beginning of the season, one parent asked how we can offer the players better online exposure to university coaches.

One idea was to develop a website for the team. This is how the Pakmen 16U girls Gold website came to life. It was called PakmenGirls2025 because of the year the team would graduate.

As a parent, a former high-performance athlete, and a digital marketer, I have come to find out that there are more opportunities for high-performance athletes to present themselves online in this day and age. Specifically for high-performance athletes who would like to continue playing volleyball at the university and college level and further (national team and professional), in Canada and the US.

So, we built the team website and we promoted it online.

Isabel Kuna setter Volleyball Athlete
Isaac Navarro Volleyball Athletes



Here are just a few results in one year

WorldWide Exposure

The website was seen in 45 countries worldwide

Players Exposure

There were hundreds of visitors clicking on the players’ volleyball social media profiles

Website Visitors

On average, there were over 450 monthly unique visitors to the website

Organic Traffic

Over 1,000 visitors found the website by searching online using the name of the team or the players’ name

NCAA logo

NCAA Exposure

In less than a year since the website was launched one NCAA Div 1 volleyball coach contacted the team

NCAA logo

NCAA Exposure

In less than a month since the 17U roster page was updated (in the second year of the site being online), another NCAA Div 1 volleyball coach contacted the team through the website

The website is fulfilling its goals!

But, we found out that it’s hard to have all players on a team decide to have a team website. Not everyone thinks about or wants a volleyball career after club.

Anyway, we did not give up.

How did the Volleyball Athletes site start?

We came up with the idea of creating individual volleyball players’ profiles which will fulfill the following needs


Having the most important player information in just one place, online.


Having one online place for each athlete for any important volleyball references. The pages will be updated every season.


Offering enough information to make people interested to see more or to contact the athlete.


Making it all affordable for parents.

How do Volleyball Athletes help a volleyball player?

Searching online

When somebody (a coach for example) wants to learn more about a team or a player, what would be the next steps? They will search online for that team or that athlete.

How is that search done?

By using the name of the player and the word ‘volleyball’ and, maybe the word ‘profile’. Like here, for example. Or by using the name of the player and the name of the club. Like here, for example.

What do they see?

If you compare all these results, you will see that the Volleyball Athletes profile page has the most comprehensive information with important details and links to relevant social media profiles (the most important, in our opinion, is the YouTube channel). The Instagram videos are hard to watch. The YouTube channel cannot contain all the personal info.

So, this is where Volleyball Athletes website and profile pages come in handy.

Having a volleyball profile page is the first step in having the right personal information easy to find online.

The second part is our work to optimize these pages to show up on the first page in Google, and we are finding that we are quite successful in doing so.

The third part is about having a tool to help expose your volleyball skills.

What do you need to do next?

For those interested in having a volleyball player profile page on the Volleyball Athletes website, here are the steps (they might be changed in the future):

Contact Us

Contact us through our Contact Us page, by completing the form.

Choose a Profile

Choose a profile Option (Option 1 Advanced $ 100+HST or Option 2 Advanced Plus $125+HST).


Submit your personal information.

Send payment

Send payment by email transfer (email will be provided).


In a few days, your optimized profile page will be ready for your review.

Online Profile Page

After the club activity, the page will remain online, archived, and accessible.


Ana Nastase indoorhit volleyball athletes

See you on the court or around one!


Are you interested? Do you have any questions? Do you want to tell us your opinion about this project? You are welcome!


We are not a recruiting agency. For this service, we recommend Six Pack Recruiting Sports.

We also are not volleyball showcase organizers. For these events, we recommend Volleyball Recruits or Canadian University Volleyball Showcase.


Volleyball Athletes is an affordable online platform with the scope of helping you increase the online exposure of your volleyball experience and skills and share your goals with university coaches, for a better chance of being recruited.

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