Volleyball Athletes profiles FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your answers to your questions: why, what, how much, how often. How Volleyball Athletes’ profiles can help? Why you should have one?

Why should I have a profile on this website?
  • It’s Affordable. We are offering an unbeatable price because we want to help the volleyball players.
  • It helps with the Recruiting Process
  • Keeps an Online Volleyball History
  • It Shares Personal Volleyball Results
  • It can be used as a Future Volleyball Reference. It’s an Online Volleyball Resume
  • You can use it as a Reference, in your correspondence with university/college coaches.
Is it expensive to have a profile page?

No! The regular fee for the Basic Profile is $100 + hst per player per season. With paid options to edit the information, after the initial personal information submission.

Can any volleyball player have a profile page?

Yes, any volleyball player, at any level (club/rep, varsity or professional level). The website was created mostly for rep players interested in having a better online presence. 

But, the profile pages can be used as an Online Volleyball Resume for those who want to have all their volleyball history in one public place.

Can I update myself my profile page?

Not for the moment, but we have in plan to offer this option.

For which age category do you recommend the profile pages?

We recommend starting at 14U to build a good reputation for the page for the 15U and 16U seasons, especially for players that are interested in pursuing beach volleyball.

Why would the Canadian and US university coaches visit the site?

We know that post-secondary volleyball coaches are visiting the website because of the team website project we ran before the Volleyball-Athletes.com project. 

In 1 year from the launch of the website, we had TWO NCAA Div 1 coaches contacting us

The most visits to the site were from Canada and the US.

People were searching for the name of the team and players’ names when they found the website.

Are you offering recruiting services?

We are not a recruiting agency. For this service, we recommend Six Pack Recruiting Sports.

How often the updates will be done?

Every season, the profile page will be updated. This service is part of the season fee (Basic Profile regular fee $100 + hst / player / season).

If updates will be needed more often, a small edit fee will be required, with a minimum of $10 + hst/ change.

How would we know it is working?

There is no guarantee that the university coaches will contact you. 

We will do our best to have your profile accessible and be found easily (being on the first page in Google). 

From here, it’s about the information you present and your skills on the court.

You can read about the results we got when we did something similar, with the team website project. Details here

We will apply the same tactic and we’ll monitor the website reports to see what is happening with the profile page. We can share this info with you, most likely at the end of the season.

What happens after a season?

You have the option to not continue. 

If you would like to continue for another season, you have to do the following:

  • Confirm with us by paying the season fee
  • Sending us the information you want to update. One time change is included in the season fee. Any following change will be charged. So, make sure you send us all the info you want to change in one request.
What happens after I finish the club activity?

You have the option to not continue.

OR, you can use it further to have an AFFORDABLE & updated Volleyball Online Resume, during your post-secondary volleyball career and later, if you want to play professionally.

What do I pay for, actually?

Here are the services covered by the season’s fee:

  • We’ll build the personal profile page using the information and the images you will provide. It will be your responsibility to check for accuracy and spelling
  • We’ll host the page on our website. While the information is yours, the website is ours.
  • We’ll optimize the page so it will show up when people search for you
  • At the beginning of every season we’ll update the information based on what you will send us. Make sure that all the changes needed are in one email. Any change request after that will be charged
  • You will be featured on our Instagram profile, which is already followed by university and colleges coaches
Are the prices guaranteed? Is the season fee the same till the end of the high-school?

YES. The regular season fee (not the discounted fee) will remain the same for you, no matter if we increase the  fee after a period of time. You will pay, per season, the same amount as your initial regular fee till the end of your club/rep career or the end of high school.

Are you organizing volleyball showcases?

We are not volleyball showcase organizers. For these events, we recommend Volleyball Recruits or Canadian University Volleyball Showcase.


Volleyball Athletes is an affordable online platform with the scope of helping you increase the online exposure of your volleyball experience and skills and share your goals with university coaches, for a better chance of being recruited.

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